Is there a Wedding Photography Photo List?

Is there a wedding photography photo list for me to use?

Absolutely there is a photo list! In fact you can find several photo lists to use for your wedding online. I believe it is a huge tool to use for the bride and the photographer to help create a plan for photographing the wedding day. But one of the things I always stress (as a gentle warning) is this wedding photography shot-list is just a guide and not a guarantee that all of the requests will be met.

wedding, jumping

Wedding Days are a crazy, busy time and even the best intentions by all parties involved cannot stop unforeseen circumstances. I know that every wedding photographer wants to deliver every photo request but a late hair appointment or the limo being stuck in traffic can greatly affect the wedding photography plan.

I always encourage the use of a wedding photography shot-list to establish a plan but with the foresight to expect changes to the day. In fact, I as your wedding photographer actually welcome those unforeseen schedule changes. Because those, “weather delays”, “problems” and “frustrations” actually make the story of your wedding day! Then, I am there to photograph and make the most of it Let’s face it. How many stories have you heard about a wedding day that was absolutely perfect?

My wish is that you as a Bride, Groom and your family make plans with your photographer but be flexible. The wedding photography shot-list is a guide to make sure you have a plan. Now, I am also a big believer that if you have a few photos that are absolute “must-haves”.  Definitely communicate that to your photographer and they can do their best to make it happen. I always like to recommend that the bride and groom assign a family member to help coordinate the wedding photos. It helps to make the day move much smoother since they know your family better than the wedding photographer. Feel free to use the wedding photography shot-list I have linked in this blog to make your day run smooth.

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David James’s Favorite Wedding Photographs from 2014

It is incredibly hard to blog about my favorite wedding photographs from 2014. There were so many awesome weddings that David James photography was privileged to be a part of their day. This selection off photos really is just a few, a tiny bit of so many more that were captured. They are in no particular order and I hope you enjoy them for the pure sake of almost being there yourself. Here at David James Photography , we are looking forward to an exciting and very busy 2015.


Aubrey and Celeste

Aubrey and Celeste’s wedding was traditional and magic at the same time . . . . These shoes are some of my all time favorites from any wedding.



crystal, shoes
Celeste’s wedding shoes!
wedding, couple
Aubrey & Celeste before the ceremony.
wedding, children
Aubrey and Celeste’s children, waiting . . .

Vesta & Mike

bride, groom
Vesta and Mike in West Chester, PA

Christina and Jamie

Christina and Jamie were married in Pittsburgh, PA and it was a true celebration of love, friendship, family and bulldogs . . .

Bride & Groom, Pittsburgh
Christina & Jamie in Pittsburgh, PA
bulldog, ringbearer
“Chumley” the bulldog was the ring bearer!
Terrible Towel, Wedding
“Yes”. Jamie dried Christina’s tears with a “Terrible Towel”!

Jessica & Buddy

Jessica & Buddy had a wedding like no other! They arrived at the reception in classic cars!

bride and groom, classic car
Jessica & Buddy’s Wedding Day – ©David James Photography
wedding, couple
Jessica and Buddy with their Classic Car “Carriages” to the reception.

Paul and Evelyn

Evelyn and Paul were surrounded by family the entire day and even better, their “best of” best friends!

bride, groom, dog
A family portrait! – ©David James Photography
groom, tuxedo
Paul’s reaction to th first time he sees Evelyn coming down the aisle.

Caitlyn and Lisa

This is  great couple who wanted Engagement Photos. They were both very passionate about Philadelphia!

Caitlyn and Lisa's Engagement Photos.
Caitlyn and Lisa’s Engagement Photos.

Christina and Nathan

I love that Christina and Nate were able to make the day about themselves and celebrate their love!

Bride & Groom, Kiss
Christina and Nathan’s Wedding Day!
Bride, Gown
The beautiful Christina before the wedding!

Megan and Jeff

Megan and Jeff are getting married this year in 2015 but we had a great engagement shoot in 2014!

sunflower, engagement
Megan and Jeff’s Engagement shoot!

So as you can see, this is just a small sampling of some of our favorite photographs of 2014. There are just too many good ones to include them all. David James Photography is looking forward to 2015 and we hope to be a part of your special day too. Please contact David James Photography for an estimate or just to say “hello!”

Christina and Nate on their Wedding Day

bride, groom

Christina and Nate on their Wedding Day were a couple in love and it was a real joy to photograph! Christina and Nathan were married on Friday October 24th, 2014 at St. Elizabeth Church in Eagle, PA and the reception was held at the Whitford Country Club. As their wedding photographer it was a joyous event to capture and I have never seen a group of people so ready to dance the night away! I swear the DJ could have just played static and they still would have danced!

Bride & Groom, First Kiss

Christina and Nate have a beautiful daughter together. Their little Olivia is just absolutely precious. I always think it is truly special when a Bride and Groom incorporate their children into their wedding day. Olivia was the flower girl and she did a great job at the wedding ceremony. Before she was at the church she was giving, high-fives and hugs to all of the family! In know way would I ever imply the photo below was manipulated through the use of Grandpa’s M&M stash!

father of bride, flower girl

Christina was an absolutely stunning Bride. I loved her gown. It was very contemporary with a nod towards tradition.

Bride, Gown


I had to take advantage of the natural light coming through the window to showcase this natural beauty of a Bride!

Bride, Window

The ceremony at St. Elizabeth’s Church was full of tradition and personal touches as officiated by Pastor Thomas M. Mullin. It was clear he knew the families well and wove personal stories and advice beautifully throughout the ceremony.

Bride, Groom


Bride & Groom, Kiss

Once the wedding transitioned from “ceremony” to “party” it was an absolute blast at the Whitford Country Club. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and the dance floor was alive! The wedding party couldn’t wait to start the party!

Bridal Party, Jump

wedding, cake

wedding cake, cut

The Father of the Bride busted out some dance moves of his own!

father of the Bride, dance

bride and groom, toast

Christina and Nate had a great time at their wedding reception as they were surrounded by many family and friends!

-©David James Photography

It was truly an honor to be Christina and Nate’s wedding photographer! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!


Sunflower Field Engagement Photo-Shoot

sunflower, couple

Megan and Jeff’s Sunflower Field Engagement Photo-Shoot

“Whew! . . .that worked out so well!” It was a little tricky pulling off our sunflower field engagement photo-shoot this past weekend. It wasn’t because of weather conditions or any other typical circumstance that can hinder an engagement photo-shoot. But rather, it was just finding the darn field! Megan and Jeff are getting married next fall and want to use sunflowers as the main flower and theme of  their wedding. So Megan and I started looking for a suitable sunflower field at the beginning of summer. I knew there has always been one in the Kennett Square area but couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Megan had better luck and found a sunflower field near Longwood Gardens.

sunflower, ring
Engagement Ring on Sunflower – ©David James Photography

Having found a field, we set the date for the sunflower field engagement photo-shoot for early September. About mid-summer I received an e-mail from Megan that said the sunflower field we were counting on would not be there! “Ugh!” Well, I wasn’t going to let this stop us! I drove all over Unionville and Kennett Square looking for this elusive sunflower field.

sunflower, engagement

After driving around for a bit I decided to stop at the Unionville Post Office and ask a few folks in the parking lot. Fortunately one fellow gave me a good lead. He explained the sunflower field moves locations every year and is planted by the Hicks Brothers.

sunflower, couple

“Eureka!” we were going to pull off this sunflower field engagement photo-shoot after all! I called the Hicks Brothers and found out the location of this years field. I went to check it out and it was going to be perfect for our shoot.

sunflower, engagement

On the day of our sunflower field engagement photo-shoot we had a blast! Jeff and Megan were spontaneous and full of creative ideas. We were able to get so many great photos, I know Megan is having a hard time choosing some for the “Save the Date” card. I am so pleased that we were able to find exactly what Jeff and Megan wanted for their engagement photos. I am very excited to be their wedding photographer and I look forward to working with them next year.

bride, sunflower

If you would like more information about our wedding packages or Engagement Photo sessions feel free to contact David James Photography at any time!

Shiloh and Dominic’s wedding photographer

Pokemon, Wedding
Pokemon Wedding Rings!

As a wedding photographer I thought I had seen everything. I’ve seen brides arrive on horseback and couples leave the reception in helicopters. But I have to admit when I saw the pokey balls at Shiloh and Dominic’s wedding this last weekend.  I was thrown just a bit. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pokémon. I just wasn’t expecting to see something from the world of fantasy and anime make its way into a wedding. I was only phased for a second because I knew that our bride and groom Shiloh and Dominic were the kind of creative people who I really like to be around.

Shiloh and Dominic were married this past weekend at the Downingtown Country Club and was my honour to be their wedding photographer. We had met about a month ago to discuss all their photos that they wanted for the wedding. But they did not prepare me for the rings being brought down the aisle by the ring bearer inside of pokey balls. I loved it! One of the reasons I love being a wedding photographer is because of the personalization that each bride and groom brings to their wedding day. I knew it was going to be a unique wedding when Shiloh explained to me about the different colored dresses that the bridesmaids were going to wear. They were gorgeous! Each dress was a different shade while still keeping the same color profile. Plus, the groomsmen were dashing in their matching vests.

Plus to top it off the wedding cakes tiers each match the color and the bridesmaids dresses. Oh, but that isn’t all! You should have seen the cake topper. It was custom-designed by Shiloh’s mom. It was Wedding, Cakea sculpture of Shiloh and Dominic sitting on their favorite couch working on the computer watching movies surrounded by all their four-legged friends and let me tell you your were a lot of cats and dogs in something else furry. As elegant and family centric, as this wedding was, it was the personalization Shiloh and Dominic that truly made this wedding their own. All the way down to the passage read by the pastor “Winnie the Pooh.” This is an event I will never forget as a wedding photographer. Not because of the unique things that Shiloh and Dominic brought to the wedding. But because they shared themselves during the wedding celebration. As a wedding photographer that’s my favorite thing to capture on a wedding day . . . . and kisses!

I love being your wedding photographer!

bride, groomAs I was having coffee with a friend of mine today, I realized how much I am looking forward to photographing all the weddings I have scheduled this year. Because, I love being your wedding photographer. My friend noticed how animated I was getting as I was sharing some of the plans I have for our clients. From overhead cameras, light painting to fireworks I have a range of creative plans for many of our weddings this year and its very exciting.

Now, it is really easy for a creative techno-geek like me to get excited by some fun photography stunts. But I’m most  excited about photographing the couples and not so much the pyrotechnics. I mean it, I enjoy working with brides and grooms on their wedding day. People have asked me, “why do I love wedding photography so much?” Ironically it was that question I found myself contemplating today after my friend and I said “goodbye” at Starbucks.

So what is it I love about photographing weddings? I love the energy that is running throughout the venue. Every wedding and reception is different but one thing is for sure, the energy is through the roof. Let’s face it, weddings are a happy time and the event is a culmination of lots of planning. So it is like a “happy-love-volcano” just erupting  . . . and I get to photograph it!

Weddings are inherently a very happy occasion! From start to finish the plan for a successful wedding day is to look good, feel good and celebrate! Again, as your wedding photographer, I get a front row seat to it (and capture) it. I think the only sour face I ever see at a wedding is usually an uncle-in-law who was dragged there and he is missing sports on television. Don’t worry their mood changes at the reception when the bar opens!

Yes, I am looking forward to being your wedding photographer and capturing all of your excitement! and energy!

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Changes at David James Photography

engagement photography
We found a dance floor, so they just had to try it out!

One of the things my father always says is, “the only thing permanent is change!” I know he borrowed that line from more famous philosophers. But its sentiment does hold true. No matter how hard we try, we cannot stop change or progress. But fortunately, what I am discussing in this particular blog are small changes. Nothing major for you to worry about. The first is the “look” of the website. I am playing with a few different theme ideas to make the pages a bit easier to read and to feel a little contemporary. Right now you are looking at a standard white background with black lettering. But, I think it will eventually evolve into a black background with white letters.

I was reluctant to say, “goodbye” to the green and white theme because I loved it so much. But I have had some good feedback on the fact that maybe some potential clients don’t like green at all. Plus some friends pointed out on some computers the light green font may have been a bit hard to read. So, I am listening! I am going to try a few different combos of white, grey and black.

As I started to think about it, the “classic” colors do make sense for a website featuring photography. I’ll bet you can look around your home and take note of how many photos in frames you have. Then note how many of those photographs are matted in black frames with a white matte. It’s clean simple framing to highlight the photographs.

So, why not try something new?  I’m open to new ideas! Like when a bride wants to shoot a particular pose or setting. I listen and implement their ideas along with mine. It’s the team collaboration that always yields the best results. Changes at David James Photography? Sure, but their small . . . .except for our new blimp. (But thats a story for another day.)