David James’s Favorite Wedding Photographs from 2014

It is incredibly hard to blog about my favorite wedding photographs from 2014. There were so many awesome weddings that David James photography was privileged to be a part of their day. This selection off photos really is just a few, a tiny bit of so many more that were captured. They are in no particular order and I hope you enjoy them for the pure sake of almost being there yourself. Here at David James Photography , we are looking forward to an exciting and very busy 2015.


Aubrey and Celeste

Aubrey and Celeste’s wedding was traditional and magic at the same time . . . . These shoes are some of my all time favorites from any wedding.



crystal, shoes
Celeste’s wedding shoes!
wedding, couple
Aubrey & Celeste before the ceremony.
wedding, children
Aubrey and Celeste’s children, waiting . . .

Vesta & Mike

bride, groom
Vesta and Mike in West Chester, PA

Christina and Jamie

Christina and Jamie were married in Pittsburgh, PA and it was a true celebration of love, friendship, family and bulldogs . . .

Bride & Groom, Pittsburgh
Christina & Jamie in Pittsburgh, PA
bulldog, ringbearer
“Chumley” the bulldog was the ring bearer!
Terrible Towel, Wedding
“Yes”. Jamie dried Christina’s tears with a “Terrible Towel”!

Jessica & Buddy

Jessica & Buddy had a wedding like no other! They arrived at the reception in classic cars!

bride and groom, classic car
Jessica & Buddy’s Wedding Day – ©David James Photography
wedding, couple
Jessica and Buddy with their Classic Car “Carriages” to the reception.

Paul and Evelyn

Evelyn and Paul were surrounded by family the entire day and even better, their “best of” best friends!

bride, groom, dog
A family portrait! – ©David James Photography
groom, tuxedo
Paul’s reaction to th first time he sees Evelyn coming down the aisle.

Caitlyn and Lisa

This is  great couple who wanted Engagement Photos. They were both very passionate about Philadelphia!

Caitlyn and Lisa's Engagement Photos.
Caitlyn and Lisa’s Engagement Photos.

Christina and Nathan

I love that Christina and Nate were able to make the day about themselves and celebrate their love!

Bride & Groom, Kiss
Christina and Nathan’s Wedding Day!
Bride, Gown
The beautiful Christina before the wedding!

Megan and Jeff

Megan and Jeff are getting married this year in 2015 but we had a great engagement shoot in 2014!

sunflower, engagement
Megan and Jeff’s Engagement shoot!

So as you can see, this is just a small sampling of some of our favorite photographs of 2014. There are just too many good ones to include them all. David James Photography is looking forward to 2015 and we hope to be a part of your special day too. Please contact David James Photography for an estimate or just to say “hello!”

Christina and Nate on their Wedding Day

bride, groom

Christina and Nate on their Wedding Day were a couple in love and it was a real joy to photograph! Christina and Nathan were married on Friday October 24th, 2014 at St. Elizabeth Church in Eagle, PA and the reception was held at the Whitford Country Club. As their wedding photographer it was a joyous event to capture and I have never seen a group of people so ready to dance the night away! I swear the DJ could have just played static and they still would have danced!

Bride & Groom, First Kiss

Christina and Nate have a beautiful daughter together. Their little Olivia is just absolutely precious. I always think it is truly special when a Bride and Groom incorporate their children into their wedding day. Olivia was the flower girl and she did a great job at the wedding ceremony. Before she was at the church she was giving, high-fives and hugs to all of the family! In know way would I ever imply the photo below was manipulated through the use of Grandpa’s M&M stash!

father of bride, flower girl

Christina was an absolutely stunning Bride. I loved her gown. It was very contemporary with a nod towards tradition.

Bride, Gown


I had to take advantage of the natural light coming through the window to showcase this natural beauty of a Bride!

Bride, Window

The ceremony at St. Elizabeth’s Church was full of tradition and personal touches as officiated by Pastor Thomas M. Mullin. It was clear he knew the families well and wove personal stories and advice beautifully throughout the ceremony.

Bride, Groom


Bride & Groom, Kiss

Once the wedding transitioned from “ceremony” to “party” it was an absolute blast at the Whitford Country Club. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and the dance floor was alive! The wedding party couldn’t wait to start the party!

Bridal Party, Jump

wedding, cake

wedding cake, cut

The Father of the Bride busted out some dance moves of his own!

father of the Bride, dance

bride and groom, toast

Christina and Nate had a great time at their wedding reception as they were surrounded by many family and friends!

-©David James Photography

It was truly an honor to be Christina and Nate’s wedding photographer! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!