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Pokemon, Wedding
Pokemon Wedding Rings!

As a wedding photographer I thought I had seen everything. I’ve seen brides arrive on horseback and couples leave the reception in helicopters. But I have to admit when I saw the pokey balls at Shiloh and Dominic’s wedding this last weekend.  I was thrown just a bit. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pokémon. I just wasn’t expecting to see something from the world of fantasy and anime make its way into a wedding. I was only phased for a second because I knew that our bride and groom Shiloh and Dominic were the kind of creative people who I really like to be around.

Shiloh and Dominic were married this past weekend at the Downingtown Country Club and was my honour to be their wedding photographer. We had met about a month ago to discuss all their photos that they wanted for the wedding. But they did not prepare me for the rings being brought down the aisle by the ring bearer inside of pokey balls. I loved it! One of the reasons I love being a wedding photographer is because of the personalization that each bride and groom brings to their wedding day. I knew it was going to be a unique wedding when Shiloh explained to me about the different colored dresses that the bridesmaids were going to wear. They were gorgeous! Each dress was a different shade while still keeping the same color profile. Plus, the groomsmen were dashing in their matching vests.

Plus to top it off the wedding cakes tiers each match the color and the bridesmaids dresses. Oh, but that isn’t all! You should have seen the cake topper. It was custom-designed by Shiloh’s mom. It was Wedding, Cakea sculpture of Shiloh and Dominic sitting on their favorite couch working on the computer watching movies surrounded by all their four-legged friends and let me tell you your were a lot of cats and dogs in something else furry. As elegant and family centric, as this wedding was, it was the personalization Shiloh and Dominic that truly made this wedding their own. All the way down to the passage read by the pastor “Winnie the Pooh.” This is an event I will never forget as a wedding photographer. Not because of the unique things that Shiloh and Dominic brought to the wedding. But because they shared themselves during the wedding celebration. As a wedding photographer that’s my favorite thing to capture on a wedding day . . . . and kisses!

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