Megan and David’s Wedding Day at Downingtown Country Club

I had met Megan and David earlier this year to discuss photographing their wedding day. I was very excited about their wedding because they were going for a holiday theme. Megan and David’s wedding was last night and it was clear by Megan’s choices she truly captured the feeling of elegance and Christmas.

The Downingtown Country Club was lit beautifully with Christmas trees and holiday trimmings. The DCC has one of my all time favorite locations to pose a bride on. They have a fantastic stairwell that has the best gentle curve that is right out of a classic southern mansion. But it really comes to life this time of year when they decorate the banister with evergreens, pine cones and white Christmas lights.

Bride, Bridal PartySo it was too easy to take the lovely Ms. Megan and her bridesmaids and pose them along the banister. Megan’s gorgeous wedding dress accented with a cranberry red satin sash looked radiant with her bridesmaids. I have to admit I love the look of bridesmaids dress that all match, but the style is actually different. I think it allows each bridesmaid to look and feel her best while still being unified within the wedding party.

I did make it over to hang out with the groom as well. I have to admit David was very cool and calm for a man about to get married. Of course, being surrounded by good friends helps I am sure. We had a pretty good laugh that between myself and the rest of the wedding party there were a lot of  “David’s”  in that room. David and his groomsmen struck some very handsome poses and weren’t camera-shy at all. They looked fantastic in their tuxedos with matching vest and tie.

I had  a great time photographing David and Megan’s Wedding and I wish them a lifetime of happiness. If you would like to contact me about photographing your wedding please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.


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