Should I get married at Christmas time?

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Christmas Wedding

I know this blog may seem a bit late since it is almost the beginning  of February. But, I think it is just in time for this coming years holiday season. Its a question that is always asked by brides, “Should I get married at Christmas time?”, crossing many a woman’s mind when planning her wedding.  There are so many reasons to get married at Christmas but unfortunatly the  perceived logistics usually get in the way.

Lets face it, weddings are a tad tedious to organize and couple that stress with the holidays and you could be setting yourself up for one serious headache. Not only is travel at the holidays difficult but most of us are dressed out more than ever. Plus, I believe the majority of us are pushed to the limits all the way until Christmas Eve. So I can see where a bride would be reluctant to schedule a Christmas Wedding. It could be seen as self indulgent or selfish. But I truly believe that if your heart is set on having your wedding at Christmas.  You should absolutely go for it.

There is no doubt a Christmas wedding would create a lifetime of  treasured memories. Also I might add that most brides who love Christmas so much as to plan or contemplate having her wedding at that time of year. She more than likely inherited this love of the holidays from her family. So most family friends would probably be on board with the planning.  The lights, trees, wreaths and feelings of the holidays or rather “the magic” is already built in. All any bride has to do is to decide the exact shade of color for the bridesmaid dresses and pick the perfect decorations to embrace the holiday while showcasing her own design tastes.

So I say, “go for it!” have a wedding at Christmas and think of it as a gift “to” your family not an inconvenience on their holiday plans. (Having an open bar doesn’t hurt either.)

Who knows, you may get lucky and it may snow . . . .and to quote from the movie “Father of the Bride” – “Thank God snow is white, it works with the wedding you know . .  .” – wedding planner.

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Christmas, Bride
Christmas Wedding


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