Is there a Wedding Photography Photo List?

Is there a wedding photography photo list for me to use?

Absolutely there is a photo list! In fact you can find several photo lists to use for your wedding online. I believe it is a huge tool to use for the bride and the photographer to help create a plan for photographing the wedding day. But one of the things I always stress (as a gentle warning) is this wedding photography shot-list is just a guide and not a guarantee that all of the requests will be met.

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Wedding Days are a crazy, busy time and even the best intentions by all parties involved cannot stop unforeseen circumstances. I know that every wedding photographer wants to deliver every photo request but a late hair appointment or the limo being stuck in traffic can greatly affect the wedding photography plan.

I always encourage the use of a wedding photography shot-list to establish a plan but with the foresight to expect changes to the day. In fact, I as your wedding photographer actually welcome those unforeseen schedule changes. Because those, “weather delays”, “problems” and “frustrations” actually make the story of your wedding day! Then, I am there to photograph and make the most of it Let’s face it. How many stories have you heard about a wedding day that was absolutely perfect?

My wish is that you as a Bride, Groom and your family make plans with your photographer but be flexible. The wedding photography shot-list is a guide to make sure you have a plan. Now, I am also a big believer that if you have a few photos that are absolute “must-haves”. ┬áDefinitely communicate that to your photographer and they can do their best to make it happen. I always like to recommend that the bride and groom assign a family member to help coordinate the wedding photos. It helps to make the day move much smoother since they know your family better than the wedding photographer. Feel free to use the wedding photography shot-list I have linked in this blog to make your day run smooth.

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