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Wedding Photography by David James Photography
David James is the premier wedding photographer in Chester County Pennsylvania. Call him today for a free consultation about your wedding vision and how his photography can capture every moment.
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 Call David James photography for a free consultation about your wedding 484.883.5171

There are several different styles of wedding photography for the modern bride to choose from. The most common styles are  traditional, formal and documentary. Formal and traditional are very similar styles with the major difference being the use of  photography studio lighting on location. Think of Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding photography. The formal photograph is perfectly lit with the entire family posing perfectly in a grand ballroom. Documentary style wedding photography comes from the world of journalism. It is the art of capturing the spontaneity of the moment as it happens. Here at David James Photography we practice and believe that a combination of all styles is important to telling your wedding day story. We love to photograph formal shots before the wedding, traditional photography during and documentary/journalism style throughout the entire event.


Contact David about your photographing your wedding day . . .