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Most people consider seeing a rainbow lucky! Well, what about seeing a rainbow on your wedding day? That’s what happened yesterday at the Trotter-Mayer wedding.How lucky is that? Evelyn Trotter and Paul Mayer were married yesterday in Newtown Square, PA. The Trotter and Mayer union was a beautiful affair from start to finish. When my assistant Kimberly and I arrived at the bride’s home we could tell the celebration was going to be full of love and laughter. Evelyn and her bridesmaids were getting ready in their matching robes while her parents and brother were loading up the transport trolley.

At the ceremony I joked with Evelyn and Paul that it was so short they could’ve just worn the rings down the aisle. Don’t get me wrong, the ceremony was exactly what they wanted,  short, elegant and sweet.

bride, aisle
Evelyn is escorted by her father. – ©David James Photography

The look on the groom’s face when the bride appeared in the doors is priceless!

Evelyn and Paul's Wedding Day - ©David James Photography
Paul sees his bride for the first time! – ©David James Photography

After the ceremony we couldn’t resist taking some candid photos. Of course, we also just had to take a family portrait of Paul, Evelyn and their dog Bobo.

bride, groom, dog
A family portrait! – ©David James Photography

I would have to say one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen as a wedding photographer is the rainbow that was over Phoenixville yesterday. There was a slight rain storm just about the time the reception was beginning. I arrived at the Phoenixville Foundry ahead of the “party trolley” and noticed the rainbow in the sky. The party trolley full of the wedding party hadn’t arrived yet. Fortunately my “on-the-ball” assistant Kimberly made the bus driver pull over and was able to capture this awesome shot of the rainbow with our bride and groom, Evelyn and Paul.

wedding, photographer
Evelyn and Paul’s Wedding Day and their lucky rainbow! – ©David James Photography

Now there are tons of photos of this amazing event. But nothing will capture the spirit and the luck that every body who attended the wedding wishes for Evelyn and Paul. These two were truly meant for one another and you could just feel the love as they danced their first dance at the reception.

Evelyn and Paul's First Dance at the Phoenixville Foundry - ©David James Photography
Evelyn and Paul’s First Dance at the Phoenixville Foundry – ©David James Photography

I have more photos to post and will do so shortly. But I just wanted to show off this amazing rainbow and all of its luck that it holds for Evelyn and Paul’s future. Congratulations you two from David James Photography.

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