David James’s Favorite Wedding Photographs from 2014

It is incredibly hard to blog about my favorite wedding photographs from 2014. There were so many awesome weddings that David James photography was privileged to be a part of their day. This selection off photos really is just a few, a tiny bit of so many more that were captured. They are in no particular order and I hope you enjoy them for the pure sake of almost being there yourself. Here at David James Photography , we are looking forward to an exciting and very busy 2015.


Aubrey and Celeste

Aubrey and Celeste’s wedding was traditional and magic at the same time . . . . These shoes are some of my all time favorites from any wedding.



crystal, shoes
Celeste’s wedding shoes!
wedding, couple
Aubrey & Celeste before the ceremony.
wedding, children
Aubrey and Celeste’s children, waiting . . .

Vesta & Mike

bride, groom
Vesta and Mike in West Chester, PA

Christina and Jamie

Christina and Jamie were married in Pittsburgh, PA and it was a true celebration of love, friendship, family and bulldogs . . .

Bride & Groom, Pittsburgh
Christina & Jamie in Pittsburgh, PA
bulldog, ringbearer
“Chumley” the bulldog was the ring bearer!
Terrible Towel, Wedding
“Yes”. Jamie dried Christina’s tears with a “Terrible Towel”!

Jessica & Buddy

Jessica & Buddy had a wedding like no other! They arrived at the reception in classic cars!

bride and groom, classic car
Jessica & Buddy’s Wedding Day – ©David James Photography
wedding, couple
Jessica and Buddy with their Classic Car “Carriages” to the reception.

Paul and Evelyn

Evelyn and Paul were surrounded by family the entire day and even better, their “best of” best friends!

bride, groom, dog
A family portrait! – ©David James Photography
groom, tuxedo
Paul’s reaction to th first time he sees Evelyn coming down the aisle.

Caitlyn and Lisa

This is  great couple who wanted Engagement Photos. They were both very passionate about Philadelphia!

Caitlyn and Lisa's Engagement Photos.
Caitlyn and Lisa’s Engagement Photos.

Christina and Nathan

I love that Christina and Nate were able to make the day about themselves and celebrate their love!

Bride & Groom, Kiss
Christina and Nathan’s Wedding Day!
Bride, Gown
The beautiful Christina before the wedding!

Megan and Jeff

Megan and Jeff are getting married this year in 2015 but we had a great engagement shoot in 2014!

sunflower, engagement
Megan and Jeff’s Engagement shoot!

So as you can see, this is just a small sampling of some of our favorite photographs of 2014. There are just too many good ones to include them all. David James Photography is looking forward to 2015 and we hope to be a part of your special day too. Please contact David James Photography for an estimate or just to say “hello!”

Sunflower Field Engagement Photo-Shoot

sunflower, couple

Megan and Jeff’s Sunflower Field Engagement Photo-Shoot

“Whew! . . .that worked out so well!” It was a little tricky pulling off our sunflower field engagement photo-shoot this past weekend. It wasn’t because of weather conditions or any other typical circumstance that can hinder an engagement photo-shoot. But rather, it was just finding the darn field! Megan and Jeff are getting married next fall and want to use sunflowers as the main flower and theme of  their wedding. So Megan and I started looking for a suitable sunflower field at the beginning of summer. I knew there has always been one in the Kennett Square area but couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Megan had better luck and found a sunflower field near Longwood Gardens.

sunflower, ring
Engagement Ring on Sunflower – ©David James Photography

Having found a field, we set the date for the sunflower field engagement photo-shoot for early September. About mid-summer I received an e-mail from Megan that said the sunflower field we were counting on would not be there! “Ugh!” Well, I wasn’t going to let this stop us! I drove all over Unionville and Kennett Square looking for this elusive sunflower field.

sunflower, engagement

After driving around for a bit I decided to stop at the Unionville Post Office and ask a few folks in the parking lot. Fortunately one fellow gave me a good lead. He explained the sunflower field moves locations every year and is planted by the Hicks Brothers.

sunflower, couple

“Eureka!” we were going to pull off this sunflower field engagement photo-shoot after all! I called the Hicks Brothers and found out the location of this years field. I went to check it out and it was going to be perfect for our shoot.

sunflower, engagement

On the day of our sunflower field engagement photo-shoot we had a blast! Jeff and Megan were spontaneous and full of creative ideas. We were able to get so many great photos, I know Megan is having a hard time choosing some for the “Save the Date” card. I am so pleased that we were able to find exactly what Jeff and Megan wanted for their engagement photos. I am very excited to be their wedding photographer and I look forward to working with them next year.

bride, sunflower

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What kind of stone should I choose for my engagement ring?

sunflower, ring

A Gemstone or Diamond Engagement Ring Which one do I Choose?

Which ring is right for my finger? Do I have to pick a diamond? Can I choose a gemstone instead of a diamond for my engagement ring? A Tough question for some but for others it seems perfectly clear, clear as a diamond. First and foremost, the tradition of a man giving a diamond to his girlfriend with the intent of  marriage has only been around for about 70 years. In fact it was the worlds largest diamond distributor De Beers which came up with the marketing campaign to make the tradition popular again. In 1938 the after the great depression the youngsters chose to not give an engagement ring. It was losing favor and debars began the “two months salary” guideline to help a young man become comfortable with the size he should be buying.

diamond, cuts
Different Diamond Cuts


As time has progressed and we have seen the popularity of engagement rings not only grow, but also grow in size. We have also seen lots of different cuts like the  asscher, square and even the 100CT. My wife wears an emerald cut stone. It was always her favorite cut and I got her exactly what she wanted. Then in the 1980’s we saw the increase of “increase”. Engagement rings became not only bigger but more ornate. The main stone was surrounded by round diamonds. Sometimes these rings would get so big it was hard to tell them apart from cocktail rings.

So what happens when you want to truly stand out as a young bride? Well for some its choosing a gemstone as an engagement ring. Princess Diana did it with a gorgeous sapphire, which now adorns the hand of Princess Kate Middleton.  The trend of giving a gemstone as a sign of intention of marriage is growing more and more and why not? Every bride, is different so why shouldn’t she be able to wear a colorful gemstone as an engagement ring? I think a bride who chooses a gemstone is just showing off her own unique personality and style. Which of course is (probably) what attracted her boyfriend in the first place! There is nothing wrong with a diamond engagement ring but please do not shy away from choosing your favorite gemstone as an engagement ring. (Just make sure he knows what you want!)

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Engagement Photo on display at Starbucks in West Chester

I was very happy to hear that my photograph that was hanging in Starbucks in West Chester, PA received a few inquiries for purchase. You may remember the photograph I referred to in my past photography blog. No one did purchase it but it is an honor that someone was interested. Of course, I wondered if I had priced it too high. But Darcey and the gang at Chester County Art Association actually thought it was priced too low.  Regardless, I was proud it was shown publicly and appreciated by many. I also know there were many artists work purchased there and I encourage a return visit to Starbucks on Gay Street in West Chester to see the new pieces

Speaking of new pieces of artwork. I have another piece of art at the same Starbucks! Yea! I am glad it was selected. It is one of my favorite engagement photographs. It is of my friends Jonathan and Tracey. It is from a series of engagement photos we did in around Philadelphia. We found this shop on South Street to shoot photos in and around. We did this particular pose several times and I was able to capture this one specific shot. I love the way Jonathan is barely looking up and noticing Tracy in the window. It is a subtle move but very specific. It truly tells a story.



I call it “The First Engagement.” I edited the photograph to look vintage and maybe appear to be a painting instead of a photo. This shot has been the inspiration for all of my engagement photography sessions. I strive to shoot in a location that is important to the couple. Springton Manor was important to Matt and Amanda so we shot there. I feel engagement sessions shouldn’t be “just” outdoors, but should be in a place that has meaning to the couple.  Philadelphia has a very special meaning to these two lovebirds, so it was easy to craft a photo shoot for them. If you want to check out the photograph, it will be on display at the Starbucks on Gay Street in West Chester, PA till the end of December.


If you are looking for more art to view or purchase check out more that Chester County Art has to offer. Feel free to check out more wedding photo samples too!



Palmer/Fenn Engagement shoot

I had a lot of fun photographing Amanda and Matt for their engagement photos. Amanda had found me recently through a google search. She was displeased with her scheduled photographer and needed a change before the big day. I am so glad she found me and hired me for the big day. Which is fast approaching, It is happening on August 25th. So, we needed to knock out these pictures ASAP. I had met Amanda but not her Fiancé’ Matt. Aside from all of the wonderful things she said about him in our initial interview, the one thing that stood out (literally) was his height. Let me put it to you this way, If Matt reclined in a car, his feet would arrive about fifteen minutes before his head. So I wasn’t surprised at the height challenges of taking engaging photographs when they both showed up for the shoot.

Amanda and Matt wanted to shoot at one of their favorite places in Chester, County, PA. It is actually one of my favorite spots too. It is located in Glenmoore, PA. The property is called Springton Manor Farms and is one of the only fully functioning farms in the country owned by the state government.It has beautiful barns, pastures and ponds to use as backdrops.

When Amanda and Matt arrived, I knew this was a guy I could really look up to . . . (rim shot)! I had planned a few playful looks incorporating the pasture fences to have a playful poke at their height differences. Matt seemed on board with my hijinks and of course added to the fun with his satirical humor. (my fave kind BTW.)

The first thing I wanted to do was to get to know Matt and Amanda better. So I sat them down on the old rock fence at Springton Manor. I basically wanted to do an interview while snapping candid photos of them interacting. Amanda had stressed during the initial interview that she prefers an editorial style shoot for her wedding. I, of course, wanted to give her the same results for her engagement pics.


Editorial shot of Matt and Amanda talking about how they met.


Then I wanted to have a little fun with the height difference. I put Amanda on the bottom rung of a pasture fence to be able to “reach” Matt’s lips for a smooch.

Gotta get a smooch . . .

But my favorite “catch’, which is one of the reasons I love being a photographer, happened right at the beginning of sundown. We were walking to the big barn to snap a few more pics and as Amanda and Matt were walking ahead of me, i noticed the setting sun. I said “hang on, we gotta try something.”! So I lined them up for several poses while the sun started to disappear behind the tree line. Now I knew this was a great shot, but I was unsure of how I was going to finish it. If you know anything about my work, I edit. I am a photographer and artist. Normally I know what kind of editing  I am going to do before hitting the shutter. But this shot, I knew would eventual reveal itself to me. I tried soft focus, a watercolor wash and finally edited it to the final shot below.


HDR of Amanda and Matt with a sunset.

I decided to merge a few frames into a HDR format. It took me a while to paint the colors and make adjustments but it was well worth it. I love the majesty that is created by this picture. I wanted their love highlighted and exemplified by the streams of sunshine. Love is powerful and I wanted this picture to be a good example of their love for one another. I had a great time working with Amanda and Matt and I am  looking forward to being a part of their special day.

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