Sunflower Field Engagement Photo-Shoot

Megan and Jeff’s Sunflower Field Engagement Photo-Shoot

“Whew! . . .that worked out so well!” It was a little tricky pulling off our sunflower field engagement photo-shoot this past weekend. It wasn’t because of weather conditions or any other typical circumstance that can hinder an engagement photo-shoot. But rather, it was just finding the darn field! Megan and Jeff are getting married next fall and want to use sunflowers as the main flower and theme of  their wedding. So Megan and I started looking for a suitable sunflower field at the beginning of summer. I knew there has always been one in the Kennett Square area but couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Megan had better luck and found a sunflower field near Longwood Gardens.

sunflower, ring
Engagement Ring on Sunflower – ©David James Photography

Having found a field, we set the date for the sunflower field engagement photo-shoot for early September. About mid-summer I received an e-mail from Megan that said the sunflower field we were counting on would not be there! “Ugh!” Well, I wasn’t going to let this stop us! I drove all over Unionville and Kennett Square looking for this elusive sunflower field.

sunflower, engagement

After driving around for a bit I decided to stop at the Unionville Post Office and ask a few folks in the parking lot. Fortunately one fellow gave me a good lead. He explained the sunflower field moves locations every year and is planted by the Hicks Brothers.

sunflower, couple

“Eureka!” we were going to pull off this sunflower field engagement photo-shoot after all! I called the Hicks Brothers and found out the location of this years field. I went to check it out and it was going to be perfect for our shoot.

sunflower, engagement

On the day of our sunflower field engagement photo-shoot we had a blast! Jeff and Megan were spontaneous and full of creative ideas. We were able to get so many great photos, I know Megan is having a hard time choosing some for the “Save the Date” card. I am so pleased that we were able to find exactly what Jeff and Megan wanted for their engagement photos. I am very excited to be their wedding photographer and I look forward to working with them next year.

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