What is the second most popular month for weddings?

Q: What is the second most popular month for weddings?

A: October is the second most popular month!

June is traditionally the most popular month for weddings and a lot of people do not know that coming in a close second is October. There is a reason for this that actually goes back many years in our history. But most brides are choosing either a “summer” or “fall” wedding and June and October offer the feel of the season without being too extreme. In other words June is when flowers are just blooming and the weather isn’t too hot to have a beautiful outdoor wedding. October affords us the opportunity to have the heat of summer make way to the cool crisp autumn without being in the throes of winter.

I love both seasons and especially photographing weddings in those months. You’re truly get the best of both worlds. Usually I am able to take many photographs indoors and outside of the wedding party. Sometimes the heat of summer can drive a “melting” bride indoors and a cold snap and sleeveless gown always drive the bravest brides indoors during winter. So June and October are ideal months for many reasons to host a wedding. The weather and of course the colors!

I know with Mother Nature throwing weather curveballs at us all the time it is hard to know how hot a summer will be or if a December wedding will have snow. But we can usually count on June and October to be the perfect transitional seasons. The blooms may not have matured in June or the leaves may not have all turned a vibrant orange. But you can at least count on the beginnings of your favorite season in those months. That’s what it is all about isn’t it? New beginnings. So whether you are a Spring or Fall person. Plan ahead because You know how fast June books and October is a close second.

BTW the traditional reasons these months are popular is because of the farmers harvest. When new crops need planting in June or harvesting in October. A good daughter was expected to help tend the fields. If she wanted to get “hitched” she had to do it before or after summer.

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