Personalize your Wedding!

How to personalize your wedding!

Putting together a wedding is one of the most difficult things any woman will do in her lifetime. From the budget to the unsolicited opinions from the family and friends, there are some tough decisions to make. As a photographer I am usually a tiny part of the planning madness.  But through it all the best, most touching weddings, are created by brides who can soak it all in and still personalize all the “suggestions”. Truly it is the little things that make a wedding special.

Recently a bride asked me right before the ceremony if she should wear a bracelet she had picked out.  I asked her, “why the doubt?” She said some of her bridal party didn’t think it matched her dress exactly. So I told the bride, “Does everything match exactly in your wedding? She said, “no”. I said, “wear it! You love it and obviously you want to! Maybe your friend’s choice is a wedding that needs to match perfectly, but for you this is your wedding and your choice! Trust your instincts and personalize your wedding accessories!” I am glad she decided to wear it and she received compliments on the bracelet all night.

John Deere Cufflinks at the wedding? He knows how to personalize!My point is, it is too easy to be swayed to a best friends opinion or a strong-willed mother. But I cannot stress how important it is to let you be YOU and personalize your wedding! It is the bright pink shoes, vintage bracelet or sassy garter that makes a wedding truly yours! If the groom wants to wear non-traditional cufflinks, or crazy socks, do it! The wedding should be a perfect balance of tradition and your style.






I like to think of planning a wedding like this:

I have an Aunt who has always been one of the most stylish and musically forward people I have ever known. Whenever she has a dinner party or a get together she plays the most awesome music. She plays her music, the music she loves.People usually leave her house with a favorite recipe and iPod playlist.  Now think about what you do when you throw a party. Do you try to make a musical playlist that appeals to everyone at the party? It probably comes off as a generic mix that everyone likes a little . . . but no one asks for a playlist when they leave! Think of planning your wedding as my aunts playlist. Share yourself and don’t try to make everyone else happy. They are coming to celebrate you and your new spouse!

So you have a choice when planning your wedding. Try and appeal to the masses or share yourself with your friends and family through the choices you make in decorations and jewelry

. I have a feeling you will love your wedding and your guests will love you and your ideas even more . . .

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