How to choose a Wedding Photographer.

My “Top Five (6)” tips on choosing the perfect Wedding Photographer


I know you may find this a little self-serving for a wedding photographer to be writing a blog about “how to choose a wedding photographer.” But truly, I want to help you in this decision process. I have listed a top 6 things to consider when choosing the perfect photographer for your ceremony.



bad photograph
A very bad engagement photograph. (not actual couple)

6.) Utilize references but still do your homework: I recently received a last-minute wedding job because a bride was unhappy with her photographer and wanted to change at the last-minute. She had booked a photographer based on a family reference but when she and her fiancée went to the engagement session. The photography staff had changed but the business name was the same. The new staff was not up to par with the past photographers high standards. The Bride “ate” the deposit and hired me.


5.) Know your budget: Do a little market research before calling photographers for estimates. You should have a budget in mind for yourself so you can know what price range to look for  and what you are willing to invest. That way you know your budget range and what you are willing to adjust to find the perfect photographer.


4.) Share your budget: If you are upfront with a photographer about your budget   it will save you time and frustration.  A photographer will tell you if your budget is a reasonable number for them. Plus, I would bet most photographers will do their best to work with you or at least refer them to someone who is in your budget.


A wedding in Jamaica at sunset
A Jamaican Wedding

3.) What do you “want” from a photographer: Do you want your wedding photos on a disc or printed? Do you want coverage when you are getting dressed? Do you want a “Trash the Dress” session? Do you want a photo album? Do want every angle at the ceremony covered? In that case, are you willing to pay for a photographer’s assistant? Remember, it is important for you to know what product you want to receive from a photographer before talking to them. Take time and think about the end delivery of photos and what services you want. It can greatly affect the price.


2.) Can’t my Uncle just shoot my wedding? Here are a few things for you to consider when hiring a wedding photographer and why. You are hiring education, expertise, professional equipment and artistry. You are hiring a committed artisan. Yes, your Uncle could photograph the wedding, but will you display those photos on a wall for the rest of your life? A professional wedding photographer is more than pointing a camera and pressing a button. I know with the advent of cell phone cameras everyone thinks photography is easier than ever before, but it simply isn’t true when it comes to event photography. Are you willing to risk it?


1.) You have to LIKE the Photographer; Have you ever taken a long trip with someone you did not like? Fun, huh? Your wedding day is a twelve-hour close quartered experience with a stranger who is taking your most intimate photographs. You need to interview a photographer in person to make sure they are a right fit with you and your party. If you do not like them, your photos will suffer. A wedding photographer may be considered the best  in the area but if you don’t like their personality you will be miserable . . . all day . . . ON YOUR WEDDING DAY.


Think about all of those inspiring photos you gathered over the past few months. I guarantee that the bride, groom and photography team gelled “personally” to create  all the wedding photos you pinned on pinterest and gathered online. You cannot manufacture inspiring photos it comes from the heart and from a professional photographer dedicated to capturing your wedding day.

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