What kind of stone should I choose for my engagement ring?

A Gemstone or Diamond Engagement Ring Which one do I Choose?

Which ring is right for my finger? Do I have to pick a diamond? Can I choose a gemstone instead of a diamond for my engagement ring? A Tough question for some but for others it seems perfectly clear, clear as a diamond. First and foremost, the tradition of a man giving a diamond to his girlfriend with the intent of  marriage has only been around for about 70 years. In fact it was the worlds largest diamond distributor De Beers which came up with the marketing campaign to make the tradition popular again. In 1938 the after the great depression the youngsters chose to not give an engagement ring. It was losing favor and debars began the “two months salary” guideline to help a young man become comfortable with the size he should be buying.

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Different Diamond Cuts


As time has progressed and we have seen the popularity of engagement rings not only grow, but also grow in size. We have also seen lots of different cuts like the  asscher, square and even the 100CT. My wife wears an emerald cut stone. It was always her favorite cut and I got her exactly what she wanted. Then in the 1980’s we saw the increase of “increase”. Engagement rings became not only bigger but more ornate. The main stone was surrounded by round diamonds. Sometimes these rings would get so big it was hard to tell them apart from cocktail rings.

So what happens when you want to truly stand out as a young bride? Well for some its choosing a gemstone as an engagement ring. Princess Diana did it with a gorgeous sapphire, which now adorns the hand of Princess Kate Middleton.  The trend of giving a gemstone as a sign of intention of marriage is growing more and more and why not? Every bride, is different so why shouldn’t she be able to wear a colorful gemstone as an engagement ring? I think a bride who chooses a gemstone is just showing off her own unique personality and style. Which of course is (probably) what attracted her boyfriend in the first place! There is nothing wrong with a diamond engagement ring but please do not shy away from choosing your favorite gemstone as an engagement ring. (Just make sure he knows what you want!)

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