Engagement Photography session with Erin, Will and Popeye . . . (Not that “Popeye”!)

Who the heck is Popeye”, you may ask? It’s Erin and Will’s dog! Erin and Will are an engaged  couple I am contracted to photograph. Their wedding is coming up in a few weeks and we set out for their favorite spot to shoot some engagement pics. Since it is always my goal to capture couples in a favorite location, they insisted that their dog Popeye be a part of wherever we choose to shoot. Erin and Will love the outdoors and they love their dog Popeye so we agreed upon meeting at Springton Manor Farms for some casual outdoor shots.

Engagement Photos of Erin and Will

It’s always tough this time of year to find an outdoors location with any sort of  greenery, but Springton Manor has scenic backdrops of barns, lakes and fences to create a beautiful backdrop for a great couple and their dog.

Engagement Photos of Erin and Will

Of course, we didn’t incorporate Popeye into every photograph, I was able to get some stellar photos of Erin and Will all over the farm. It is clear these two are majorly in love and have a great report’ with each other. I love their laid back attitude and seem to truly enjoy the best of mother nature.


They settled on the photograph above as the photo to be on display at their wedding and reception at the Phoenixville Foundry later this month. Erin has a very clever idea of using it as not only a display but a functional table seating guide. The photo will be like a puzzle in black and white. Then, as guest arrive, they will find their “puzzle” piece table assignment. When they remove their table assignment it reveals the color version of the photograph behind all of the B&W cards. I think it is very clever and I cannot wait to see the final outcome.

 Emgagement photos of Erin and Will

I am looking forward to photographing their wedding day. He had a lot of fun for the engagement pics and I know the wedding and reception will truly be something special.

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  1. Love that Erin is wearing Red–an excellent POP of color for these photos. B &W would be too stark for this time of year. And of course, gotta Love The Popeye! Great name! The puzzle idea is so much fun and a novel idea for the guests. Way to go! Makes me wanna attend the wedding!!!

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