Engagement Photo on display at Starbucks in West Chester

I was very happy to hear that my photograph that was hanging in Starbucks in West Chester, PA received a few inquiries for purchase. You may remember the photograph I referred to in my past photography blog. No one did purchase it but it is an honor that someone was interested. Of course, I wondered if I had priced it too high. But Darcey and the gang at Chester County Art Association actually thought it was priced too low.  Regardless, I was proud it was shown publicly and appreciated by many. I also know there were many artists work purchased there and I encourage a return visit to Starbucks on Gay Street in West Chester to see the new pieces

Speaking of new pieces of artwork. I have another piece of art at the same Starbucks! Yea! I am glad it was selected. It is one of my favorite engagement photographs. It is of my friends Jonathan and Tracey. It is from a series of engagement photos we did in around Philadelphia. We found this shop on South Street to shoot photos in and around. We did this particular pose several times and I was able to capture this one specific shot. I love the way Jonathan is barely looking up and noticing Tracy in the window. It is a subtle move but very specific. It truly tells a story.



I call it “The First Engagement.” I edited the photograph to look vintage and maybe appear to be a painting instead of a photo. This shot has been the inspiration for all of my engagement photography sessions. I strive to shoot in a location that is important to the couple. Springton Manor was important to Matt and Amanda so we shot there. I feel engagement sessions shouldn’t be “just” outdoors, but should be in a place that has meaning to the couple.  Philadelphia has a very special meaning to these two lovebirds, so it was easy to craft a photo shoot for them. If you want to check out the photograph, it will be on display at the Starbucks on Gay Street in West Chester, PA till the end of December.


If you are looking for more art to view or purchase check out more that Chester County Art has to offer. Feel free to check out more wedding photo samples too!



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