Christine Kane and Jamie Sapp were married in Pittsburgh

Christine Kane and Jamie Sapp were married in Pittsburgh, PA on October 11th and I have been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. Christine and I became friends while working together at QVC when she presented HP Computers. I was honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding. The first thing they prepared me for was the prominent role their beloved bulldog “Chumley” was going to play in the wedding. Chumley is a star in his own rights and I expected nothing less from Christine and Jamie.

bulldog, ringbearer

But of course Chumley could not upstage the love and sentiment expressed by Christine and Jamie throughout the wedding ceremony.

Wedding, Pittsburgh

We took advantage of the beautiful Pittsburgh Skyline and utilized many of Christine and Jamie’s favorite locations to create beautiful wedding photography.

Christine and Jamie's Wedding - ©David James Photography

One of my favorite things to experience as a wedding photographer is capturing your personal touches. Every Bride and Groom brings their own thoughts of love and sentiment into every ceremony and some take it to the next level. Christine and Jamie are both huge Pittsburgh Steelers fans. One of the Steelers traditions is the use of the “Terrible Towel” at football games. Well, Jamie and Christine each shared a surprise with me, that they were planning for the other. (See wedding photographers get the best seat in the house!)

Terrible Towel, Wedding

Jamie’s plan worked brilliantly! He knew his Bride Christine was bound to shed a tear or two. He was ready and had his “Terrible Towel” poised and ready use. This of course caught Christine by surprise and brought a smile to Christine’s face.

But then . . .

Terrible Towel, Wedding

Little did Jamie know that Christine had bought personalized “Terrible Towels” to greet them as they walked into the reception. How cool is it that the Bride and Groom were so in love and in-sync with each other that they pulled the same surprise on each other?

Terrible Towel, Couple
Christine & Jamie’s – “Terrible Towel”

I find that magical and a great omen on the future success of their marriage.

Pastor, Couple
Pastor Dan Hughes with Christine and Jamie

Here’s a fun photo of “All hands on Deck” with Jamie, Christine, Chumley and their son Chris.

hands, paw
“All Hands on Deck” – Christine, Jamie, Chumley and their son Chris.


Another Pittsburgh Tradition is the “Cookie Table”

Pittsburgh, Cookie Table
A Pittsburgh Wedding Tradition – “The Cookie Table”
dance, dip
The First Dance
Bride, Headshot
Christine Kane’s Bridal Portrait
shoes, vans
Christine’s Wedding Shoes a pair of sparkle Vans.

Congratulations to Christine Kane and Jamie Sapp! I wish you many years of happiness together!


2 Replies to “Christine Kane and Jamie Sapp were married in Pittsburgh”

  1. Awesome shoot, Dave. Am so impressed with the fine photos you so graciously shared with us. Always look forward to seeing your work and this one in particular shows the professionalism you put into it, as well as the love and care you put into each photograph evident of your friendship with Christine. The happy couple, I’m quite sure were thrilled with your work. Miss seeing you on the Q, but am happy that you are doing something you enjoy and I’m quite sure many other newlyweds are thrilled that you do the work you do. Take care, and please keep the blog going with your many photos. Good luck to you……..

  2. You did a marvelous job, David James, of capturing the wonderful moments of Jamie & Christine’s wedding and reception. A special day for all of us!!

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