Is there a Wedding Photography Photo List?

Is there a wedding photography photo list for me to use?

Absolutely there is a photo list! In fact you can find several photo lists to use for your wedding online. I believe it is a huge tool to use for the bride and the photographer to help create a plan for photographing the wedding day. But one of the things I always stress (as a gentle warning) is this wedding photography shot-list is just a guide and not a guarantee that all of the requests will be met.

wedding, jumping

Wedding Days are a crazy, busy time and even the best intentions by all parties involved cannot stop unforeseen circumstances. I know that every wedding photographer wants to deliver every photo request but a late hair appointment or the limo being stuck in traffic can greatly affect the wedding photography plan.

I always encourage the use of a wedding photography shot-list to establish a plan but with the foresight to expect changes to the day. In fact, I as your wedding photographer actually welcome those unforeseen schedule changes. Because those, “weather delays”, “problems” and “frustrations” actually make the story of your wedding day! Then, I am there to photograph and make the most of it Let’s face it. How many stories have you heard about a wedding day that was absolutely perfect?

My wish is that you as a Bride, Groom and your family make plans with your photographer but be flexible. The wedding photography shot-list is a guide to make sure you have a plan. Now, I am also a big believer that if you have a few photos that are absolute “must-haves”.  Definitely communicate that to your photographer and they can do their best to make it happen. I always like to recommend that the bride and groom assign a family member to help coordinate the wedding photos. It helps to make the day move much smoother since they know your family better than the wedding photographer. Feel free to use the wedding photography shot-list I have linked in this blog to make your day run smooth.

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Christina and Nate on their Wedding Day

bride, groom

Christina and Nate on their Wedding Day were a couple in love and it was a real joy to photograph! Christina and Nathan were married on Friday October 24th, 2014 at St. Elizabeth Church in Eagle, PA and the reception was held at the Whitford Country Club. As their wedding photographer it was a joyous event to capture and I have never seen a group of people so ready to dance the night away! I swear the DJ could have just played static and they still would have danced!

Bride & Groom, First Kiss

Christina and Nate have a beautiful daughter together. Their little Olivia is just absolutely precious. I always think it is truly special when a Bride and Groom incorporate their children into their wedding day. Olivia was the flower girl and she did a great job at the wedding ceremony. Before she was at the church she was giving, high-fives and hugs to all of the family! In know way would I ever imply the photo below was manipulated through the use of Grandpa’s M&M stash!

father of bride, flower girl

Christina was an absolutely stunning Bride. I loved her gown. It was very contemporary with a nod towards tradition.

Bride, Gown


I had to take advantage of the natural light coming through the window to showcase this natural beauty of a Bride!

Bride, Window

The ceremony at St. Elizabeth’s Church was full of tradition and personal touches as officiated by Pastor Thomas M. Mullin. It was clear he knew the families well and wove personal stories and advice beautifully throughout the ceremony.

Bride, Groom


Bride & Groom, Kiss

Once the wedding transitioned from “ceremony” to “party” it was an absolute blast at the Whitford Country Club. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and the dance floor was alive! The wedding party couldn’t wait to start the party!

Bridal Party, Jump

wedding, cake

wedding cake, cut

The Father of the Bride busted out some dance moves of his own!

father of the Bride, dance

bride and groom, toast

Christina and Nate had a great time at their wedding reception as they were surrounded by many family and friends!

-©David James Photography

It was truly an honor to be Christina and Nate’s wedding photographer! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!


Christine Kane and Jamie Sapp were married in Pittsburgh

bride, groom

Christine Kane and Jamie Sapp were married in Pittsburgh, PA on October 11th and I have been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. Christine and I became friends while working together at QVC when she presented HP Computers. I was honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding. The first thing they prepared me for was the prominent role their beloved bulldog “Chumley” was going to play in the wedding. Chumley is a star in his own rights and I expected nothing less from Christine and Jamie.

bulldog, ringbearer

But of course Chumley could not upstage the love and sentiment expressed by Christine and Jamie throughout the wedding ceremony.

Wedding, Pittsburgh

We took advantage of the beautiful Pittsburgh Skyline and utilized many of Christine and Jamie’s favorite locations to create beautiful wedding photography.

Christine and Jamie's Wedding - ©David James Photography

One of my favorite things to experience as a wedding photographer is capturing your personal touches. Every Bride and Groom brings their own thoughts of love and sentiment into every ceremony and some take it to the next level. Christine and Jamie are both huge Pittsburgh Steelers fans. One of the Steelers traditions is the use of the “Terrible Towel” at football games. Well, Jamie and Christine each shared a surprise with me, that they were planning for the other. (See wedding photographers get the best seat in the house!)

Terrible Towel, Wedding

Jamie’s plan worked brilliantly! He knew his Bride Christine was bound to shed a tear or two. He was ready and had his “Terrible Towel” poised and ready use. This of course caught Christine by surprise and brought a smile to Christine’s face.

But then . . .

Terrible Towel, Wedding

Little did Jamie know that Christine had bought personalized “Terrible Towels” to greet them as they walked into the reception. How cool is it that the Bride and Groom were so in love and in-sync with each other that they pulled the same surprise on each other?

Terrible Towel, Couple
Christine & Jamie’s – “Terrible Towel”

I find that magical and a great omen on the future success of their marriage.

Pastor, Couple
Pastor Dan Hughes with Christine and Jamie

Here’s a fun photo of “All hands on Deck” with Jamie, Christine, Chumley and their son Chris.

hands, paw
“All Hands on Deck” – Christine, Jamie, Chumley and their son Chris.


Another Pittsburgh Tradition is the “Cookie Table”

Pittsburgh, Cookie Table
A Pittsburgh Wedding Tradition – “The Cookie Table”
dance, dip
The First Dance
Bride, Headshot
Christine Kane’s Bridal Portrait
shoes, vans
Christine’s Wedding Shoes a pair of sparkle Vans.

Congratulations to Christine Kane and Jamie Sapp! I wish you many years of happiness together!


Wedding Photography of Jessica Fedena and Buddy Yarnell

bride and groom, classic car

Jessica Fedena and Buddy Yarnell were married on June 20th, 2014 at the Central Presbyterian Church in Downingtown, PA. It was our honor at David James Photography to capture their very special day. The reception was held at the Downingtown Country Club.

wedding, couple
Jessica and Buddy’s Wedding Day – ©David James Photography

It’s great to be a part of such a special day. Jessica and Buddy had so many wonderful elements to their wedding. They truly made their wedding, THEIR wedding. When I first met Jessica last fall at the DCC Bridal Fair, I knew I loved her energy and wanted to be a part of her day.

bride and groom, classic car
Jessica & Buddy’s Wedding Day – ©David James Photography

“Oh!”, did I mention the classic cars? Jessica’s Dad is a member of a classic car club and they are a very tight-knit group. Jessica and Buddy were over-joyed to have had the cars as a part of their wedding day. I am ecstatic to edit the rest of the photos that include the cars. It was my first wedding that had them as a big part of the day. I think everyone had fun seeing the wedding party arrive at DCC in the cars.

But Jessica and Buddy had so many personal touches to their wedding, it is hard to list them all.

bride, father of the bride
Jessica is escorted down the aisle – ©David James Photography

Jessica was first escorted down the aisle by her biological father Steve, then her Step dad (or Dad) Mr. Wayne walked with Jessica to the altar.

bride, father of the bride
Wayne escorts Jessica down the aisle! – ©David James Photography


Jessica’s fiance’ Buddy played the guitar as she came down the aisle, and after a beautiful unity candle and ceremony these two finally got to the good stuff . . . the “smooch”.

Jessica & Buddy's First Kiss (As man & wife) - ©David James Photography
Jessica & Buddy’s First Kiss (As man & wife) – ©David James Photography

The entire wedding party had fun along with Jessica and Buddy.

wedding, jumping
Jessica and Buddy’s Wedding Day – ©David James Photography


Congratulations Jessica Fedena and Buddy Yarnell, I know you will be happy for many. many years!

bride, parasol
Jessica & Buddy’s Wedding Day by David James Photography

Wedding Photography of Aubrey and Celeste

bride and groom, couch

I met Aubrey and Celeste at a bridal show last fall held at the Downingtown Country Club. In fact they won a free engagement session from the door prizes at the bridal show. I think Aubrey and I hit it off right away because we have similar tastes in shoes. Although As much as I love shoes, it is clear I am no match for the style of Aubrey and Celeste.

crystal, shoes
Aubrey and Celeste’s Wedding Shoes

This has to be one of the “classy-est and flashy-est” weddings I have ever been blessed to be contracted as the wedding photographer. At the center of all of this refined taste is love. There is no doubt of the love between Aubrey, Celeste their daughters and the whole family.

junior, bridesmaids
Olivia and Marie

The ceremony began with the guests being greeted and moved to the spirit by a gospel choir at the United Methodist Church in Downingtown, PA. Then a very moving interpretive dance by Aunt Fran whipped a frenzied guest list to their feet in anticipation of Aubrey and Celeste making their way into the church.

interpretive, dance
Aunt Fran’s stirring Performance

Aubrey and Celeste’s wedding ceremony continued with moving sermons and testimonies from family and close friends. The bride and groom even made gestures of love to their daughters with beautiful necklaces and roses for their mothers.

ring, box
The Ring Butler’s tray and jewelry box.

The rings were carried on a silver tray down the aisle by a Ring Butler (This was a first for me to see!)  The best man and woman received the symbols of love and passed them on to the Pastor for a blessing.

wedding, first kiss
The First Kiss as man & wife!

The anticipation built after the blessing of the rings and of course culminated with Aubrey and Celeste’s first kiss as man and wife. The guests put down their handkerchiefs and rose to their feet in applause for these two lovers, bound forever together as man & wife!

kiss, man and wife
Aubrey and Celeste steal a kiss!
bride and groom, couch
Aubrey and Celeste


Aubrey & Celeste’s Wedding Gallery

High School Senior Portraits Free Sessions

high school
bad, photo
a BAD HS Photo

High School Seniors have so much to look forward to for their last year in school. They have parties to attend, Prom and making  final college preparations. Then years later, they have so much to look back on. They deserve better photos than most schools offer. How many of us have albums full of  blue background school photos?  They never truly capture the spirit of who we were, or really made us look our best.

Is your high school senior an athlete? Let’s incorporate their sportsmanship into the photo. Maybe we pose on the field? Are they an artist? How about photographing them in the art studio? The ideas are endless! The combination of “high fashion meets high school” has begun in Chester County!

As a photographer I follow the trends around the nation and I feel we are missing a huge opportunity here in this region. High School seniors all over the country are taking theses photos for themselves and family. High School Seniors deserve to have their spirit, personality, passion and interests photographed and cherished for a lifetime.  I have wanted to get this ball rolling for a long time so today is the day!


I’m not kidding, I’m giving away 3  free sessions with prints and digital copies of the photos.

Why? – I know you will be so pleased with the High School Senior Portraits, you will show them off to your friends and family and they, in-turn, will book a future session with me with their high school senior. It’s a win-win for both of us!


The session is more of a fashion photography shoot but it will incorporate the passion and personality of your high school senior! Don’t worry, I’ll be there to help you look your best!

I will schedule the first three high school seniors who contact me or call me at 484-883-5171.

– The photo sessions have to be scheduled before Fall 2014.

– You must be an incoming Senior in High School, graduating in 2015.

– The photo session will be photographed on-location in Chester County, PA.

– You can bring several different looks.

– Approx. two hours of your time.

You will receive:

– my creative guidance

– the photo session

– several wardrobe changes

– 4 digital files of your choosing

– one 11×14 print

– two 8×10 prints

– four 5×7 prints

– a digital copy of the 4 photos you choose.


There is no catch. You get great photos of your high school senior and I get word of mouth advertising!

Call me at 484-883-5171 or send me an e-mail.

But do not hesitate, contact me today!

(I will update this page when I have the bookings!)





Trotter and Mayer Wedding Photographer

wedding, photographer

Most people consider seeing a rainbow lucky! Well, what about seeing a rainbow on your wedding day? That’s what happened yesterday at the Trotter-Mayer wedding.How lucky is that? Evelyn Trotter and Paul Mayer were married yesterday in Newtown Square, PA. The Trotter and Mayer union was a beautiful affair from start to finish. When my assistant Kimberly and I arrived at the bride’s home we could tell the celebration was going to be full of love and laughter. Evelyn and her bridesmaids were getting ready in their matching robes while her parents and brother were loading up the transport trolley.

At the ceremony I joked with Evelyn and Paul that it was so short they could’ve just worn the rings down the aisle. Don’t get me wrong, the ceremony was exactly what they wanted,  short, elegant and sweet.

bride, aisle
Evelyn is escorted by her father. – ©David James Photography

The look on the groom’s face when the bride appeared in the doors is priceless!

Evelyn and Paul's Wedding Day - ©David James Photography
Paul sees his bride for the first time! – ©David James Photography

After the ceremony we couldn’t resist taking some candid photos. Of course, we also just had to take a family portrait of Paul, Evelyn and their dog Bobo.

bride, groom, dog
A family portrait! – ©David James Photography

I would have to say one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen as a wedding photographer is the rainbow that was over Phoenixville yesterday. There was a slight rain storm just about the time the reception was beginning. I arrived at the Phoenixville Foundry ahead of the “party trolley” and noticed the rainbow in the sky. The party trolley full of the wedding party hadn’t arrived yet. Fortunately my “on-the-ball” assistant Kimberly made the bus driver pull over and was able to capture this awesome shot of the rainbow with our bride and groom, Evelyn and Paul.

wedding, photographer
Evelyn and Paul’s Wedding Day and their lucky rainbow! – ©David James Photography

Now there are tons of photos of this amazing event. But nothing will capture the spirit and the luck that every body who attended the wedding wishes for Evelyn and Paul. These two were truly meant for one another and you could just feel the love as they danced their first dance at the reception.

Evelyn and Paul's First Dance at the Phoenixville Foundry - ©David James Photography
Evelyn and Paul’s First Dance at the Phoenixville Foundry – ©David James Photography

I have more photos to post and will do so shortly. But I just wanted to show off this amazing rainbow and all of its luck that it holds for Evelyn and Paul’s future. Congratulations you two from David James Photography.